Public administration budgets are cut everywhere - how to react?

Shrinking budgets and increased demands on efficiency - these are the challenges public administrations face. The demands and workload increase, the budgets shrink.

Intelligent room and space planning can significantly relieve some of the pressures on your department. We will help you to do just that.

recotech is an IT-based strategic planning tool for optimizing and calculating space allocation.  Its power to automatically calculate space utilization of administration buildings can be used for relocations, restructuring and space reduction in existing and new buildings. recotech facilitates intelligent and optimized utilization of available space, improved workflows and makes decision-making more objective and transparent.

Reduce your costs

Office space is usually the second largest expenditure right after labor. Restructuring the space utilization of administrations offers significant possibilities for lowering costs. By reducing just three percent of used space you can easily save annual expenditures of up to a six-digit amount. recotech can also help you to significantly reduce the cost of new constructions.

Save energy

40% of the total CO2 emission emanates from buildings. Deploying recotech reduces energy costs and helps protect the climate – optimizing space utilization reduces demand for heating and cooling, which automatically reduces your carbon footprint.


Better collaboration

recotech facilitates better organization of your departments, improved workflow control and refined adjustment of processes to the requirements of your business. You can run through different possibilities in the system and reduce subjective preconceptions about new plans for space allocation. This fosters better cooperation within your administration.