Transform detailed problems into a solution

Continuous management of often conflicting requirements and their realization is your daily business. Merge departments, refurbish buildings, meet a budget target, accommodate additional staff - an implementation concept must consider various details, requirements and demands.

recotech is an IT-based strategic planning tool for optimizing and calculating space allocation. It can be used for relocations, restructuring and space reduction in existing and new buildings – regardless of whether the property is owned or rented by your company. recotech facilitates intelligent and optimized utilization of spatial potential, improved workflows taking into account the communication relationships between organizational units and makes decision-making more objective and transparent.

Plan more efficiently

recotech helps you to plan more efficiently. The software can simulate and manage any number of allocation variants to help you find the solution that meets your demands. All intermediate planning stages are available for inspection, comparison and re-use. Time consuming planning dead ends are a thing of the past

Discover potential savings

Check the savings potential of your business with recotech.

Restructuring the space utilization of company departments offers significant possibilities for lowering costs. By reducing just three percent of used space you can avoid annual expenditure of up to six figures. Expenditures for maintanace and cleaning drecrease as well as management costs.

Better collaboration

recotech facilitates better organization of your company departments, improved workflow control and refined adjustment of processes to the requirements of your business. You can run through different possibilities in the system and reduce subjective preconceptions about new plans for space allocation. This makes the decision-making process more objective, transparent and understandable for all affected employees. The process of change can take place unhindered by often strong emotions. This fosters better cooperation within your company.