Why is space planning so complex?

As planning scenarios grow in scope and cost pressure increases, competition gets tougher. The numerous and often conflicting requirements especially in large projects are often hard to reconcile. recotech helps to make space planning easier, faster and more flexible.

recotech is an IT-based strategic planning tool for optimizing and calculating space allocation. recotech can also help you significantly reduce the construction costs of new buildings if you use recotech in the early planning phase to analyze and optimize required space. Calculations provided within minutes offer entirely new perspectives with simulated allocations and significantly improved planning results and make decisions more objective and transparent.

Achieve more in less time

By combining recotech with your planning software you gain a comprehensive tool that decreases your workload while maximizing your output. The changing requirements of your customer and your developing ideas can be matched with a few clicks.

Offer more service and increase your revenue

With recotech you can offer your clients allocation variants even before the first stages of your planning and thus provide competent advise from the start. This enlarges your service portfolio and increases your revenue.

Acquire new customers and retain them

All the planning data in recotech is easily and transparently stored, accessed and updated. This makes space planning for the same building at any later date fast, easy and inexpensive. This advantage over your competitors gives facility managers good reasons to employ you and your team again and again.